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Kachina Restaurant

522 E Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 779-1944
Five Stars
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After trying out the majority of Flagstaff's Mexican restaurants, I can say that Kachina is by far the worst of the bunch. Both Salsa Brava (right down the road) and La Fonda offer much better food, service, and a cleaner atmosphere. The food at Kachina was bad, the service was unprofessional, and the restaurant dingy and lacking any ambiance. Do yourself a favor and keep driving until you see Salsa Brava, a little Mexican gem featured on Food Netowrk's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.


From a first glance at the menu, Kachina appears to offer the standard tasty Mexican entrees found everywhere else. However, the only difference is the inferior quality.

The shrimp fajitas were terrible - the waitress forget to bring out the vegetables and then brought them out 10 minutes later barely cooked with no seasoning. The presentation was also bad, making the food even less appealing. Instead of the mini tortillas they usually bring for tortillas, they brought out the massive shells they use for burritos. The whole experience was inconvenient. The rice and beans were not good either. This is the first time in years I've actually had to toss a meal.

Mike's Stuffed Chicken Sopaipilla was slightly better until he found a few bones in it!

The complimentary chips and salsa were just mediocre. The salsa tasted more like marinara sauce and the chips were neither warm nor crispy.

To top it off, this restaurant was also overpriced. For the run down ambiance and unprofessional service, they should not be charging the same as more upscale options in town like Salsa Brava.


Service was slow and unprofessional. No apology was given for forgetting the vegetables on a fajita plate! How can you forget the main part of a dish?!


The overall ambiance at Kachina is a bit depressing. The dining area is very cramped and not decorated at all. The whole place seems to be in need of a major remodeling and a deep cleaning. It's one of those places where the setting is so unattractive that you cannot even enjoy the meal. Honestly, I just wanted to leave as soon as I sat down.

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Final Remarks

There are better Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff. The less than mediocre food, service, and setting do not justice a visit to Kachina. Keep driving down Rt. 66 and treat yourself to a great Mexican meal and fun ambiance at Salsa Brava.

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